The Band

Replay of Jack and Margaret on CBS, Virginia this Morning: “

Welcome to Jack Abeel and Margaret Graham’s website. The band’s music is traditional and dances on the edge of bluegrass, yet includes touches of swing, jazz and blues to create a unique sound of their own.

Their debut album, “Edging the Grass,” embodies this sound in its tune selection that ranges from well known traditional songs to new compositions by Jack. The selections highlight Margaret’s virtuosic fiddling and Jack’s clear, melodic cross-picking guitar work. Eddie Adcock, one of bluegrass’s all-time great banjo players, produced and recorded their album. He and Martha Hearon Adcock added depth to the recording with Eddie playing bass and Martha underpinning it with her rhythm guitar. Eddie further graced the album on a couple of tunes playing banjo. The masterful blend of these talented artist will delight you from the opening of the album to its end. Look for its release date, which they will soon announce.

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